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Winning Bets in the Kentucky Derby

If you think that only rich people win large payouts in the Kentucky Derby betting, you are mistaken. Others have given up hope of winning in their bets because there are too many horse to choose from. In the Kentucky Derby, 20 horses race at the same time, making it the largest field of any dirt race in the country and this make it a confusing and chaotic race. IT can be difficult to choose which horse to bet on. People have their own criteria for choosing the horse to bet on. There are people who bet on a horse because they like its name. There are also those who put their bets on horses because of their color, the saddle number, or how the horse looks. Others win bets by pure luck. All these criteria are random, and people want to have an effective way to bet on horses.

One person tried to develop a system of knowing the most likely winner by gathering everything that was common to all Derby winners. Many of these criteria are statistically proven but that are other criteria based on human intuition. The research of this man revealed dozens of factors that could be used as criteria which were very common among Derby champions. All the factors he came up with were added to a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet which includes both the critical and non critical criteria, speed figure calculations, performance data, dosage and pedigree information , and regular information you would find in past performances forms are combined in this spread sheet which is called the Grid. The aggregate of qualifications for both critical and non-critical criteria and for speed calculations, numerical scores are assigned.

The Grid worker for 11 out of 13 derby champions. Winning 11 out of 13 times isn’t bad. Even just winning one Derby for the easier payouts would already cover your betting cost for years. The payouts in some of these derby bets reach up to 5 or even 6 digits. If the Grid had been around before, then it could have likely worked for many decades already because some of the criteria are based on historical data. If you choose and bet on the horse with the highest critical score, total score and composite speed figure on the Grid, then you have a very good chance of winning. The payouts are large since the derby has very large collective bets.

You can take advantage of this advanced handicapping system by having the Grid. You can find the grid at some horseracing websites. It is the only grid that combines all of these powerful criteria and effectively ranks horses on speed and critical historical criteria. Use the grid to win on your bet or use your own criteria of name, color, and number and lose.

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